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YY Eyelash Extension

Feature:Model Number:YY Style Material:korean PBT fiber Type:Hand Made False Eyelashe Type:Individual Lashes False Eyelashes Band:no stalk False Eyelashes Style:Thick Curl:C Thickness:0.07MM color:nature black package:3/6/12 rows payment:paypal, western union
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Solarfine
Certification: CE
Feature: Hand-shape ergonomic design
Cable Diameter:2*0.5mm
One Second Flowering Eyelash Extension

Cashmere Eyelash Extension
How to use fake eyelashes?

Apply eyeliner liquid to the eyeliner and apply it layer by layer, then draw the eyeliner along the edge of the eye, plus private label YY individual eyelash extension to create more layers.Combine the eyeliner to control the overall curve.Use an eye shadow brush to gently sweep around the eyes with mint green to make your eyes look brighter.You can choose the eye shadow of the pearl texture.

At this point, using YY eyelash extension will make your eyes look bigger, and at the same time, make your eyes look more contoured.Let the false eyelashes and the eyelashes of their eyes come close to each other, first use the eyelashes to clip the eyelashes and curl them, and roll them vertically from the root of the eyelashes.Bend YY eyelash extension  to fit the size of the eye, making it slightly curved and soft, and closing your eyes.Apply false mascara with a cotton swab and apply the fake mascara evenly over the roots of the lashes. If you paint too much, it will fall off easily. This will have an eye enlargement effect.

False eyelashes are arranged in the order of the head of the eye - eyes - tail - overall adjustment, should be careful to avoid the eyes, it will be very uncomfortable to apply to the eyes, the opening of the eyes is connected to the end of the eyes.Finally, the position and fit of the false eyelashes and eyelashes are adjusted overall. Use a mirror to check for sticking and bending, and adjust before the eyelash glue is dry.


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