One Second Flowering Eyelash Extension

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One Second Flowering Eyelash Extension

Feature:One Second Flowering Eyelash Extension, China Brand Name:cogentbeauty Material:korean silk, silk/synthetic hair/korean PBT fiber Type:Hand Made False Eyelashes Style:Natural Long Curl:B C D U L ETC thickness:0.03mm-0.25mm False Eyelashe Type:Individua
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Solarfine
Certification: CE
Feature: Hand-shape ergonomic design
Cable Diameter:2*0.5mm
Individual Eyelash Extension

YY Eyelash Extension
How to remove your false eyelashes?

1. To buy a glue remover, try removing your flowering eyelash extensions with a makeup remover for 1 second yourself. You can buy eyelash glue removers at most pharmacies and online. The glue remover is a mild dissolver similar to nail polish.

2. Eye makeup also needs to be removed. Remove the mascara and eyeliner from the eyes with a gentle makeup remover to see the natural eyelashes and the roots of the 1 second blossom individual eyelash extension. Use a glue remover. Follow the steps below to loosen false eyelashes with makeup remover.

3. Take a proper amount of glue remover on a cotton swab and follow the eyeliner with a cotton swab. From the outer contour to the inner contour, gently apply a small circle, then remove the agent and start melting the glue. Remove the eyelashes that are about to fall off. Rub the eyeliner back and forth about fifteen times, pinch the roots of the flowering eyelashes with your index finger and thumb for 1 second, then gently hang them down.

4. Remove any glue left on the eyelids. After removing the eyelashes, wipe the upper eyelid with makeup remover to remove the remaining glue.

5. Finally, wash your eyelashes. Wash your face with warm water and the remaining scavengers.  


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