Welcome to SolarFine

 SolarFine Photoelectric Technology. is established and registered in Shandong Province, China, Near to Qingdao Port,covering more than 12,000 square meters.
We can offer the best solution in term of cost and quality to the individual customer to give them competitive advantages in the market. On the one hand, we are a reliable supplier offering a wide range of solar products; on the other hand, we are a proven engineering company giving competent advice, short assembly and delivery time, and providing design and production in accordance with individual customer requirements.
We are devoted to developing and manufacturing crystal silicone (mono and multi) solar panels, solar lighting systems, solar power systems and other photovoltaic products. Our products are mainly for export, including mono/poly solar panels/cells, solar garden lighting, solar lawn lighting, solar traffic lights, solar energy insect disinfestation lamps, solar handicrafts and various solar power systems. Relying on the high quality, powerful production capacity, and good after-sales service,". more
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