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The beauty of long lashes

  • Publish Time: Aug 26, 2020
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Just like how red lips make a woman more attractive, long eyelashes have become a universal symbol of beauty. There have been a few studies which have tried to explain what it is about long lashes that makes a woman more appealing. One of them equated long lashes to youth. The younger a woman looks, the more “fertile” she appears and therefore, more attractive to men. Meanwhile, others believe that long lashes make the eyes look bigger.


Whatever the reason is, everyone can agree that eyelashes enhance one’s femininity. However, not all women are blessed with naturally long lashes.


Historically, the use of false lashes can be dated as far back as the late 1800s. Even then, people already noticed the impact that long lashes had on a woman’s face. However, the old methods of application are much more difficult than what people have today. The French of that time would take hair from the head and have them sewn on to their eyelids. This gives a whole new meaning to “pain in beauty.” Fortunately, for the modern woman, achieving the ideal eyelash length can be as easy as putting on lipstick. And just like the lipstick, applying false lashes is now a step of most makeup regimens that must not be missed.


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