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Let Solarfine Eyelashes tell you False lashes with different types

  • Publish Time: Aug 26, 2020
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False eyelashes are a boon to women who do not possess eyelashes to take pride in and yet, do not, in any way, want their beauty to be less than those naturally endowed. Though, initially, eyelash extensions were skeptically regarded, yet with the passage of time they have become a part and parcel of beauty products that women would never forgo. Also, with time, the varieties of false lashes that existed in the market have increased considerably, presently offering numerous options to those concerned about their beauty!

False lashes different types to choose from

Individual false lashes

the false eye lashes will make you more beautiful
They are one of the most favored fake eyelash types and are known for the personalized effects that they can offer. They are available either as single strands or a bunch or strands connected at the base (knotted or knot free). This lash type is ideal for those who look to fill in the gaps of their sparse lash line rather than adding a whole new effect to their lashes.

Strip false lashes

As the name goes, strip lashes are those that come in the form of several lashes attached to a strip that needs to be placed over the lash line, thereby adding a complete set of false lashes to your eyes. They are easier to put on, less costly, easily available and make your eyes look full and glam. However, the extremely cheap ones may look rough, oddly blunt and thus, unnatural.

Bottom fake lashes

These lashes are meant for those who do not want to leave any stone unturned to ensure that they are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Why compromise with beauty when one can apply lash extensions to the under lash line as well? And so, these lashes are an absolute essential amongst fashion freaks and women who want to be ‘perfect’. Though, bottom lashes aren’t mostly used, yet they are not very uncommon as well. These fake lashes are positioned below the natural lashes and the wearer may face a problem if the count of the natural lashes is very scant or if they are sparsely present.

Three quarters lashes

Not really very common, but are essential for women who want to glorify the corners of their eyes. These lashes are usually added at the very outer edge of the lash line and can give a romantic and sexy look to your eyes. They are best known for their dramatic effect.

Natural lashes

Though termed natural lashes, they are not actually made of natural hair. The name comes from the fact that they look completely natural and blend in with the original lashes seamlessly. They are very delicate and can be ideal for all formal and semi- formal events.

Full volume

These are ideal for special events that demand a glam and bold look. They give your eyes a voluminous look and make you look preppy and party-ready. They are also a vital accessory for those participating in films, theatres, photo shoots, etc.
Now that you know the false lashes different types, it is time that you choose the best one to suit yourself and the occasion! By the way if you like to feel the different type of lashes just come to us!


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