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How much the eyelash extensions?

  • Publish Time: Jun 03, 2020
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An increasing number of women are applying for eyelash extensons to enhance their beauty. Our eyelash extensons are made by the high quality mateirals,and with stable curl,easily to peel off and no kink and sticky,they are very easily to use,and after grafting them,they can last a very long time.
The eyelash extensions have so many advantages,so more and more women like to grafting them.So they want to know how much are the eyelash extensions.Actually,the eyelash extenions are not high cose,every woman can bear for the cost,the high cost for the eyelash extensions are the grafting the eyelash extensions to our own false eyelashes.
Although comparing the eyelash extensions themselves,the grafting is higher cost,but after grafting them,it can last a long time and you can save many time to wearing false eyelashes each morning and the cost to change the false eyelashes.And the beauty the eyelash extensions bring to you is can not be compared by any other lashes,because they are very natural looking.


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