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How Does The False Eyelash Stick To Nature?

  • Publish Time: Apr 24, 2020
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False eyelashes make up for a finishing touch, but many children's shoes are not very eyelashes, and sometimes trouble and give up, Xiaobian here just want to say, if you do not stick fake eyelashes, then your makeup will not be perfect, let's see how to stick fake eyelashes together

Highlight the false eyelashes at the end of the eye (trim the length according to the length of your eyes).

Usage method

Choose an eyelash with a long arc in the middle and trim its ends according to the length of its eye tail. A false eyelash can be used for both eyes. (throw away the middle part).

1. draw the best eye makeup first.

2. glue on false eyelashes.

Because the area of the coating is very small, please choose tubular glue.

3. replenish your eyelashes.

A small bundle of false eyelashes is clamped with small tweezers and coated with glue on its root and then glued to one's own eyelashes.

Look at the mirror and fill it up where it is not thick enough.

4. completion

Natural thick false eyelash Dai FA, you can also try oh. If you add eyelashes in the middle of your eyes, it will make your eyes look round and big.



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