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Why choose us

Timing is everything! Quick service means happy customers and increased profits.
Speed up our profits by offering service FAST!

Time is money. Regardless if you order just one or hundreds, you will be sure to appreciate. AD Solar everyday prompt production.With a concern for improving its services,
AD Solar commits itself to offering its clients:

Services accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, throughout the province, thanks to automated services, and to maintain, for clients who prefer it, services by telephone, mail, or in person, within reasonable time limits;

Services necessitating a minimum of different steps;
Services guaranteeing high-quality, standardized information;
Services adapted to specific needs, particularly those of people living with a motor, visual, auditory, or intellectual disability;

Services offered by staff who are courteous, competent, attentive to clients’ needs, and concerned with ensuring continuous improvement of services.
The Customer Service Declaration contains the commitments that the AD Solar and its staff make to its clients.
These commitments express the AD Solar’s intention to offer high-quality service to workers and employers in the construction industry.

They also take into account the expectations that these clienteles have expressed in surveys. The present Customer Service Declaration is reviewed every year.

1) We offer you the best quality on the market! Adsolarchina.com has been in business for many years now so we have years of experience and a long line of great products behind us.
2) We offer you the best prices ! We know the cost of solar products is steadily rising so that's why here at Adsolarchina.com we not only offer you the best prices but we strive everyday in order to cut down our production cost to give you an even better deal than what we already have.
3) We offer the fastest shipping ! Here at  Adsolarchina.com we know that a one day delay means you have to place your production on hold so that's why we have over 500 employees placing your order together and getting it ready for shipment. As they say "Time is Money"!
4) We have the best customer service team! We know how frustrating it can be for you to call or email a company and get redirected to someone with  bad english answering you so we make sure to individually train all of our employees to use proper English giving you a better ordering experience from us. Communication in international business is the biggest factor to maintain a good and successful relationship with our customers.
5) We have a HUGE selection of products! We offer all of the outputs that you could imagine so you have the wattage that you need and don't need to go fromfactory tofactory looking for what suits you.

6) We have excellent manufacturer solar panel warranty policy